Wall Paneling


When Selection Matters!!

 At Bay Ridge Plywood & Supply we offer over 25 different types of wall panels to  finish that basement, kitchen, garage, or living area.  With the largest selection in the area we can find something to fit your project. Whether it is your home or a cabin ,we will work with you to find the right panel for you and your budget. 

Fitting Your Paneling Needs

 There are diffrent panels for diffrent jobs. That is why we carry a wide variety of panels. Anything from 1/8" plywood panels to 1/4" hardboard panels. So whether you would like to make a cottage more like home or are updating a living area,we have the panels for you.  We stock A - grade panels and factory irregulars to save you even more! 



  • 1/8" Hard board panels for bathrooms and kitchens
  • 1/8" Plywood veneer faced panels
  • 1/8" Decorative panels
  • 1/8" Embossed and paper faced panels
  • 1/4" Plywood veneer faced 
  • 1/4" Hardboard panels
  • 7/16" Plywood veneer panels

Wainscoting & Bead Board

We offer a selection of unfinished Bead Board products. Ranging is size from 3/16" up to 3/4". Great for cabinetry stock, Wall panels, Door Inserts, and Wainscoting