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At Bay Ridge we love to teach and share ideas with you. This page will be full of great projects that we feel anybody could build!!! Please Subscribe to our Youtube channel if you like our content. 

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  In this video I  picked Rustic Alder and will show you step by step how to build this simple but Quality desk 


Check out this video on the Stuffed Animal House how to video. Its an easy build and the kids will love it. 

Checker Board Table

My sister asked me a while back to refinish this old Family heirloom table from our grandparents house. Veneering a table like this is a great project for any level woodworker!! 

Ice Shanty

Besides wood working I love to spend time on the lake even if it is frozen. This DIY video shows some simple upgrades to make icefishing more enjoyable!!!! 

Playing Card Holder

 I show you how to make a playing card holder. These are great for kids or anybody that has troube holding playing cards. You can make these with few tools and little materials!!! 

Daisy Red Ryder Model 10

I have had these Daisy Red Ryder's tucked away for a few years now. Check out how they go from rusty to restored!!! 


Here is a How-To video on a Rolling work station for your shop. It is simple to build and is a low cost solution for a multi use work area. 


 You can never have enough work area!!! In this weeks DIY video I show you how to add fold away work surface to your work bench!!!! 

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