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Gently Used Tools

Hand tools, Power tools, Lawn and Garden tools, automotive, wood working tools!!! We will help you turn those tools into cash.

How we Buy

 We buy gently used tools from multiple sources. Out of business sales, Estates, Downsizing business, Pre rummage sale,  or give us a call and set up a time to bring them in!!!

What We Don't Buy

There are selected item we do not take into our store.

  • Battery Operated Tools
  • Paint Sprayers 
  • Most Gas operated tools 
  • Stolen Tools  
  • 3 Phase Equipment 

NEW Property Reporting System

All tools purchased at The Tool Store are subject to review with the Brown County Sheriff Dept. 

The NEW PRS system is the law and must be followed by all second hand article dealer. 

Please Bring your drivers licence with you if you plan on selling your tools. No exceptions made!!!!

 State of Wisconsin Statute

  134.71 Pawnbrokers and secondhand article and jewelry dealers.